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VP of Product Architecture and Engineering

Rahul is an experienced technology architect and serves as our Vice President of Product Architecture and engineering. With 15 years of experience designing products that utilize technology in every possible facet, Rahul is responsible for a large portion of VisvaDi’s backend development and helps us make the right technology decisions to build highly scalable products.

Rahul joins us with a great deal of expertise in Product management and AWS solution architecture. He uses this expertise to build SAAS products, and mobile apps which incorporate state-of-the-art tech, and highly customizable solutions for our supply chain, e-commerce, and finance customers.

When not working, Rahul enjoys traveling and loves to explore new places to learn about their culture and their local cuisine. As an avid cook, he loves to try remaking recipies he’s tasted from around the world. He also spends his time bike riding and thinking of new dynamic recipes.