What Is VisvaDi?

VisvaDi stands for Universal (Visva) Intelligence (Di) and is a team of international technology experts who are eager to do more with the Internet of Things or IoT. We are dedicated to enabling customers with key solutions that use the diverse value of IoT in their business.

Let VisvaDi help you harness the power of IoT!

Why VisvaDi?

VisvaDi is a growing IoT-focused organization that has the desire to become a leader in the industry. Focusing on efficient solutions, exceptional support, and utilizing our universal intelligence to support you.

Mission: Improve Operations and Upscale Productivity with Efficiency & Safety
Vision: Rise to become leaders in the Automation of Industry leading IoT solutions


1. Routing & Dispatch management

VisvaDi’s Routing and Dispatch Management software lets you effectively manage routes for trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, and more. Instead of going through the trouble of manually calling drivers to see where they are, our program lets you instantly track vehicle location, calculate route progress, and pinpoint late or missed stops. We provide your consumers and additional stakeholders with the ability to track vehicles pertinent to their business and receive automatic alerts.
With our software handling your dispatches and vehicle routing, you can improve your customer service, reduce issues and crisis calls, and can become a differentiator for your business.
Let customers and outside stakeholders track route to progress and receive alerts automatically. Authorized users can anticipate arrivals or delays, which improves customer service, reduces calls, and can become a differentiator for your business.

2. IOTS solutions

VisvaDi’s IoT Solutions have everything developers, designers and manufacturers need for their businesses. Whether we are helping IoT software developers implement their IP hardware and software platforms, supporting IoT device designers to combine processor designs with artificial intelligence, or helping manufacturers streamline their workloads and scale their production, VisvaDi can support businesses with our diverse set of IoT solutions.
We provide you with a sense of security and comfort knowing you’re supported by products that make your business more efficient and competitive.

3. Comprehensive Dashboards

VisvaDi’s Comprehensive Dashboards offers organizations of all sizes a video-based safety solution that combines cloud-based software with carefully placed, internet-connected cameras. This user-friendly and scalable solution helps you reduce accidents, support claim prevention, and most importantly, can help lower your operational costs.
With VisvaDi’s dashboard, you get the data you need with pinpoint visibility on vehicle locations, insight into driver behavior, and expansive logs of all deliveries, near-misses, and losses.

4. Paperless Documentation

VisvaDi’s Paperless Documentation system integrates artificial intelligence and IoT-based software to automate your organization’s bookkeeping and office management. We capture data more accurately by removing unexpected human errors and streamlining the processing of data elements in a secure and flexible system.
Our solution gives you access to your data around the clock, around the world, while protecting the environment through dramatic paper waste reduction.

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