Reduce the number of administrative tasks in the office and in the field by automating the workflows that can prevent manual data entry errors, improve overall communications, and help you go paperless.
Key Benefits
  • Increase data accuracy, including mobile forms
  • Automate system updates with Live Sharing
  • Sync operational systems through open API’s


Create a work environment where your employees feel safe and empowered. Our proactive safety program helps protect your employees in real-time and identifies concerns that are often overlooked.
Key Benefits
  • Alert employees to risks in real-time
  • Ensure policy adherence to Ai detection
  • Support employees with video retrieval
  • Give feedback with coaching workflows


Monitor your organization and key assets remotely with VisvaDi monitoring and control. Giving you the ability to minimize trips onsite, optimize the efficiency of your equipment, and directly reduce your emission output.
Key Benefits
  • View your operation’s diagnostics in real-time
  • Optimize your efficiently with custom KPIs
  • Troubleshoot with dashboard controls
  • Configure escalations workflows throughout your organization


Stay up-to-date and maintain compliance with regulations across your industry by automating and streamlining your workflows. Our easy-to-use tools allow your drivers and office support teams to simplify compliance processes – one such example is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations which require electronic logging devices (ELD) as the new standard for record of duty status (RODS).
Key Benefits
  • Enable drivers with an intuitive Driver app
  • Export a Driver Vehicle Inspection report that keeps your fleet safe and under federal regulations
  • Streamline hours of service for each driver with a user-friendly interface
  • Manage HOS, DVIR, IFTA, FSMA, OSHA, services and stay FMCSA-registered and certified for the Canadian ELD mandate


Stay safe and keep your business secure with full visibility on and off-site. You will be able to eliminate old and new blind spots throughout your facilities with an integrated camera and motion sensor network designed to identify and act on risks.
Key Benefits
  • Monitor sites with AI-enabled cameras
  • Detect obstructions and tampering automatically
  • Investigate issues and crises fast with event-based search criteria


1. Routing & Dispatch management

2. IOTS solutions

3. Comprehensive Dashboards

4. Paperless Documentation