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Intelligent Vehicle Management

Intelligent Vehicle Management

Run your business and manage your vehicles on one integrated platform, VisvaDi’s Intelligent Vehicle Management application. You can unify data between multiple sources and gain real-time visibility across your work fleet, remote assets, and end-consumer services, to enable digital transformation on a massive scale.
Our Intelligent Vehicle Management application features:
  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking – Track and Monitor each vehicle under your fleet through constant monitoring that protects your vehicle from theft or damage.
  • Secured Access Vehicles – With VisvaDi’s tracking software and hardware, we can make sure that none of your vehicles can operate without your permission.
  • Driver Behavior Alerts – We provide your team with routine driver behavior alerts for speeding, harsh turns, sudden breaking, route management and so much more.
  • Vehicle Health Reports – Vehicle health reports keep you in tune with each of your vehicles and provide you with maintenance reports and mileage updates all within a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Route Optimization for Fuel Efficiency – VisvaDi’s Ai and machine learning technology can help you choose the quickest routes while maximizing delivery stops. Along with our vehicle management features we help you make your trip fuel-efficient and can save you excessive fuel costs by 20%.

Driver Management

VisvaDi’s Driver App gives drivers the power to manage their performance, conduct inspections, and log their hours of service. This simple, effective fleet driver app is offered as part of our configurable fleet safety program and our electronic logging device (ELD) solution.
Your fleets can count on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify distracted driving and other risky behaviors. This helps your drivers objectively observe moments of risk and self-correct for future trips.
Our Driver App also features:
  1. Collision Warning – Our system can alert drivers with any suspected forward collision scenarios in real time
  2. Excessive Speeding – We send alerts to your vehicle supervisor teams if any driver exceeds the company-mandated speed limit
  3. Traffic Rule Violation – Our intelligent system can detect any traffic rules being violated by the driver in real-time
  4. Distracted Driver Alerts – We send alerts to your vehicle supervisors if any of the drivers in your fleet are found to be distracted while driving a company vehicle
Driver Management
Device Management

Device Management

VisvaDi can help you manage your IoT devices in one unified and user-friendly platform.
Whether you manage a handful of sensors, or an entire fleet of IoT devices, the VisvaDi Device Management platform provides a secure and effortless way to see usage, detect anomalies, and control your IoT device.
VisvaDi Device Management also includes payment processing, services request submissions, updating account information, and visualizing your cellular data usage and analytics by SIM, region, and carrier from any device.

Package Tracking

VisvaDi Package Tracking software rivals all major distribution networks and allows you to maintain constant visibility of your package by tracking it in real-time. We work alongside major shipping organizations to ensure your packages arrive at their destination in perfect condition – being your team on the inside, allowing you to rest easy.
Package tracking
Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Fleet Management by VisvaDi offers your managers control of maintenance and compliance processes through a simple mobile solution.
We connect your drivers, operations, and mechanics to daily updated vehicle information. This allows you to flag faults and defects in real-time and avoid unnecessary delays from noncompliance with DVIR. Setting your business up to schedule proactive maintenance, reminders, and helps you track costs with outside vendors.
Our Fleet Management Software solution includes:
  1. Real-time GPS Fleet Tracking
  2. Fuel & Maintenance
  3. Trailer Tracking & Maintenance
  4. Live Alerts
  5. Operations Contro

IoT Fleet Telematics

VisvaDi’s IoT Fleet Telematics helps us develop configurable applications that identify vehicle issues and crises, and notify drivers in real-time. This helps you schedule maintenance with minimal delay and avoid costly downtimes. Our telematics technology allows your fleet managers to improve their team’s efficiency and productivity
IoT Fleet Telematics
Storage Conditions

Storage Conditions Monitoring Technology

VisvaDi’s IoT tracking can also apply to storage conditions within your supply chain. This type of technology relies on IoT sensors to monitor environmental factors and provide regular updates. Once implemented, we can help you monitor the environment where your shipments are stored, packed, and shipped in, providing you with even more security and relief knowing your products will arrive as intended.
Additional examples of our monitoring technology include:
  1. Temperature monitoring for cold storage and transport of products like agricultural goods or certain pharmaceuticals
  2. Atmospheric monitoring to detect changes in atmospheric composition, humidity or other factors
  3. Light-level monitoring for photo-sensitive products
    Other types of sensors for radiation, pollutants, or other factors

Logistic Execution

VisvaDi’s logistics execution utilizes self-learning capabilities that are driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning software. This learning software leverages data derived from multiple years, across many data sources, and from past activities that enable decision automation over time. With this platform by your side, we can provide you with the most accurate and actionable logistics execution, contract management, and carrier selection with shipment visibility and precise ETAs. Our end-to-end exception alerts and recommendations give you the ability to act before exceptions become a problem.
IoT Fleet Telematics