Driver and Dispatch Workflows

Empower your drivers and streamline your dispatch process with this VisvaDi’s product. We can improve how your employees receive information by giving them accurate information in real-time. Allowing them to minimize the guesswork, reduce manual form entries and stay connected to your dispatch team. Dispatch also benefits from our improvements as we help them match the correct jobs to the optimal drivers based on preset criteria. Giving your organization the ability to complete more jobs and optimize your dispatch routes based on data-backed evidence. Lastly, we take ELD compliance as seriously as you do and have installed an ai-powered HOS logging system in order to help you monitor each of your drivers’ hours.

Safety Systems

Your driver’s safety is a top priority for us at VisvaDi and so we’ve developed an internet-connected video-based safety system that automatically captures high-quality videos of important incidents to your cloud system within minutes of any incident. This gives you and your team real-time visibility to support your team and your company in your moments of need. This video-based safety system is also backed by your ability to coach your drivers from the office. Allowing you to give detailed training tools that can improve your teams’ time responsiveness, overall effectiveness, and the responsibility of your staff. Our safety system, at the end of the day, gives you the chance to positively impact the costs of your team by providing a variety of milestone kits, safety rubrics, risk outlines, and analytics. This insight helps you understand how your team is performing and find areas for improving your operation and saving you money.

Equipment Management

Track the location of all your small and heavy equipment with the complete visibility our Equipment Management product provides. Using real-time GPS, we can maintain an accurate position of your equipment and send alerts if said equipment goes beyond an established area of work. We go beyond keeping your equipment safe by providing a constant stream of data and automated reports that you can use to better understand your equipment usage, maintain the maintenance of existing equipment and help determine which new equipment to purchase. VisvaDi’s equipment Management product also allows you to spot potential problems before they occur, investigate any issues that do pop up, and then provide accurate and effective corrective maintenance.

On-site Security and Alerts

Get around-the-clock monitoring and alerts for each of your office and site locations. VisvaDi can give you peace of mind using our On-site security and alerts product which provides you with real-time alerts seen in our internet-connected cameras and cloud-based data systems. We funnel all camera data into one management software to minimize clunkiness and allow you to have visibility of your sites with just a few clicks. You and your team will be able to access your security videos and stream real-time footage through our dedicated platform.