VP of Innovative Technology and Software Development

Roopesh serves as our VP of Innovative Technology and Software Development. Data Scientist with 4+ years of experience in machine learning, including regression, classification, natural language processing (NLP), etc. using text analytics, predictive modeling, data processing, and data mining algorithms to solve challenging business problems. Roopesh is responsible for providing solutions to CIOs and IT leaders at mid-market, and enterprise-level companies who need to innovate quickly but are overwhelmed with choices and complex technology. With 3 years of experience as Full stack developer and 2 years experience as a system application developer and 9+ years of programming experience with Python, Pyspark, C/C++, and Java, he can help you transform your data and connect insights, so you gain confidence in your decisions via AI solutions. When not supporting customers, Roopesh enjoys taking his bike out for local rides or with him on his travels so he can enjoy riding in new areas.